The Road to Six Figures Links


I am so happy for you that you made the decision to
create financial and time freedom for yourself.

You are on your way to six-figures and more with this
method that anyone can generate life changing cash
flow with in record time.

Here are my links to each of the programs. Just
join the ones you are not already apart of.

As stated in the e-book join each one and create a
similar email just like this one that you can send
out to your new success partners.



1. Join MyFlexJob:
*Pay $23.85 Quarterly ($7.95 /monthly) –
Complete the MyFlexJob (MFJ) application, download the
MyPCBackup Software, purchase a membership, and submit
your invoice number & email header proof to the company.
Be sure to complete all the steps as instructed in the
member orientation video (You will be reimbursed $25.00
to your e-wallet.)

2. Join Get Response:
Click button Try GetResponse – FREE for 30 Days
*Pay $0.00 for the 30 day free trial – Sign-up for Get
Response. Choose the auto-responder for 2500 subscribers.
It’s free for the first 30 days and then the cost will be
$25.00 / monthly thereafter.

3. Join Global Online Franchise:

*Pay $19.99 Monthly – Sign-up for Global Online Franchise
(GOF). This will give you access to the marketing system
that we’re using as well as access to the marketing

4. Upgrade to a Pro Affiliate:
NO LINK – Do this inside of Monetization tab of GOF.
*Pay $35.00 (one-time payment). Just follow the video
instructions inside of your GOF back office and make the
one-time $35.00 payment to upgrade to a Pro Affiliate for
MyFlexJob. This will allow you to earn $35.00 commissions
on each CPA completion instead of just $10.00.

You will need the links below to complete FULL ASSEMBLY
when you’re ready. You are not required to wait. If you can
afford to get fully assembled now, go right ahead. You’ll want
be completely assembled so when prospects start requesting
your links to join “The Road to Six-Figures”, you’ll be set for
maximum earnings…

5. Join Total Life Changes:
*Pay $150.00 Monthly – Sign-up for Total Life Changes by
joining and selecting a minimum of 120 CV (PV) in TLC products.
Be sure that you choose JOIN when you sign up so that you are
recognized as an affiliate (IBO -Independent Business Owner).
If you choose SHOP, you will only be recognized as a customer
and will not qualify to earn commissions. Also pay attention
to the CV (volume) as you select your products. You will need
at least 120 in autoship volume each month. The cost will be
approx $130.00 to $150.00 including shipping. You can edit and
change the products in your autoship at anytime.

6. Join Motor Club of America:
*Pay $39.90 ($19.95 Monthly) – Choose the Total Security
membership and make the first and last month payment for a
total of $39.90. The cost will be $19.95 monthly thereafter.

7. Purchase the FB Groups Poster:
*Pay $49.00 (one-time payment) – After making your purchase,
be sure to also scroll down to where it says click here to become
an affiliate and follow the instructions there to set up your
PaySpree account and get your FB Groups Poster affiliate link.

Welcome to the Road to Six-Figures.

Partner with Bill Soriano